employmentlawEmployment Law Solutions

Synntech People Solutions formed a strategic alliance with Dr Laurentia Truter to provide Employment Law Solutions and Disability Consulting Solutions

Challenge Areas

Consulting Solutions


  • Employee and monetary implications of mergers and acquisitions
  • Reputational risk and cultural changes
  • HR due diligence assignments
  • Conduct a due diligence review on all human resources, benefits and related aspects during possible mergers or acquisitions including a possible culture fit assessment.Advices on going concern implications – Advise on employee liabilities, appropriate contractual clauses and migration processes



    • Misconduct of employees
    • Poor work performance
    • Medical incapacity of employees


  • Labour relations support
  • Advise on and facilitate all labour relations processes, such as disciplinary hearings, incapacity procedures etc. We also chai hearings in an independent capacity.


  • Right sizing of the business for various reasons


  • Section 189 support
  • Advise on and facilitate legally prescribed retrenchment procedures.


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