hrsolutions HR and Organisational Development Solutions

Synntech People Solutions has the capability to assist any HR department with strategy development and to align their structure accordingly.
SPS can also conduct culture assessments and project manage organisation development and transformation.

Symptoms / Issues Clients are facing and our solution to it

Challenge Areas

Consulting Solutions


    • Ineffective organisational structures
    • Lack of clarity of roles
    • Not understanding what skills are needed to achieve results


  • Organisation development consulting solutions
  • A proper assessment of the organisation’s strategy, culture and values will assist us to develop functionally sound structures aligned to the values and culture of the business which will enable the business to deliver on its strategic objectives



  • Credibility issues in the business with the Human Resources function.
  • Lack of sound human resources policies or compliance issues
  • Lack of clarity of how employees fit into overall business strategy
  • Lack of proper management information on human resources related activities
  • Lack of ownership by Line Management for the managing human resources in the business
  • Human resources management solutions
  • Reviewing and/or developing a sound HR value chain (see diagram) with supporting processes and policies to ensure “business partner status” and compliance within a business. Assisting with effective and value add HR reporting through a dashboard approach.


  • The organisation has grown to the point where it requires formal human resource practices, processes and structures however, it’s not ready yet to implement an HR function nor is it seen as its core business.


  • Human resources outsource solutions
  • ffering companies a cost effective and efficient Human Resource Service at a fixed fee per month establishing all essential practices as per our HR value chain.


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