Our Online Total Rewards System

Our Online TRS:

  • Helps employees understand the full investment organisations make in them
  • Communicates the financial AND the non-financial rewards on offer in the environment
  • Improves employee engagement and retention through awareness and appreciation
  • Provides a real-time personalised total reward statement
  • Offers an enabling tool for use in performance and engagement discussions
  • Assist talent and recruitment initiatives through a clearly defined Total Reward for prospective employees
  • Delivers relevant, practical, graphical and fresh content through a secure system
  • Offers rollout support, maintenance and update

Synntech People Solutions together with Kabetech provide an integrated service to customise the online Total Reward System to ensure a personalised reward tool, including:

  • Custom interface design which is flexible and aligned with your brand
  • Content creation and ongoing content management to ensure the full total reward picture is captured
  • Relevant information presented in a personalised format for each employee

With the online total reward statement, you can make sure that each employee gets a holistic view of and understands what you provide in the form of a total reward offering:

  • Personal. Adapt the statement’s content to suit each employee’s needs in terms of language and cultural differences
  • Customised. Include information specific to your organization and the employee’s reward package, both financial and non-financial details each person needs to see
  • Thorough. Include information about equity, benefits, base and variable compensation, retirement and savings plans, voluntary benefits, and more
  • Convenient. Provide 24/7 access from any location, with a single sign-on option, and choose a print or online solution
  • Appealing. Show job seekers that your organisation stays abreast of the latest interactive tools and multimedia to keep things interesting

Total Rewards System Online

More Information

For more information or a live demo on our total reward online system, please contact us today. info@spssa.co.za (011) 675 3361