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Peet Kruger is a registered Edu-Profilogist® with Dr Annette Lotter and has been trained to conduct Genetic Brain Profile assessments. This is a totally unique assessment that will pinpoint a person’s genetic blueprint of brain dominances. This blueprint is part of your DNA. It was already established at conception and it will never change. It will reveal how you function normally as well as during stress. These innate dominance patterns are related to potential talent, personality traits, life choice decisions and behaviour patterns. But, they also clarify and predict the behaviour in stressful circumstances.


Symptoms / Issues Clients are facing and our solution to it

Challenge Areas

Consulting Solutions


    • Wrong ‘employee-fit’ to role, team and company
    • Poor employee, team and organisational performance
    • Poor selection decisions
    • Expensive employee development interventions not producing results
    • High employee turnover
    • Low employee morale and engagement


  • Psychological Solutions
  • Assessing individuals against role profiles and competency requirements directly linked to the business strategy and culture of the business for the purposes of recruitment, development or team building and conducting employee engagement and climate surveys.



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