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One of our speciality areas which we operate in and which we have extensive experience in is the area of Reward Management.

We have delivered many consulting solutions (from large to small projects) within the Private and Public sectors and we pride ourselves as experts that can deliver a Total Reward Solution to any business.

Symptoms / Issues Clients are facing and our solution to it

Challenge Areas

Consulting Solutions


  • No clear strategy for reward employees
  • Disparate reward practices all achieving different things
  • Pay anomalies
  • Benchmarking challenges

  • Reward consulting services
  • Developing reward philosophies and strategies as well as the supporting reward practices to ensure the cost investment in all reward areas assists in the achievement of business objectives and returns the necessary ROI. We deliver the solutions within a holistic Total Rewards Framework (See Reward Framework)



  • Mismatch between employee behaviour, performance and bonuses/incentives.
  • Lack of longer or shorter term focus where it is needed
  • Lack of clarity of how employees fit into overall business strategy
  • The motivation and retention of key individuals in the business
  • The ability to attract the right individuals to the business
  • Incentive Solutions
  • A critical element in the attraction, retention and motivation of your staff is rewarding them appropriately and in line with the organisational reward philosophy. We are able to design effective and simple incentive solutions to cater for this need.


  • Focusing sales skills on what is important
  • Creating over target business results through focused sales teams
  • The right metrics and information is always available to drive results and the right behaviours


  • Sales incentive solutions
  • The need for effective sales incentive solutions developed to meet the overall sales and business objectives as well as to be aligned with sound remuneration principles, is a growing market with limited service providers.


  • Unaffordability for a full time reward specialist
  • Smaller companies do not have the need for a full time reward specialist and often just need the expertise on an ad hoc basis
  • Provision of unbiased advice on all best practice methodologies, benchmarking and service providers


  • Reward management outsource service
  • Reward specialists are highly sought after skills in the market and hiring these skills has become a very expensive exercise. Outsourcing the service is an attractive value proposition to companies to address the risk and expertise challenges faced in this area.



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